Your personalised language coach to help you learn and build your confidence

Born and bred in Paris, I have moved to London 20 years ago, where I have been living and working ever since. I have always found languages to be fascinating, they provide a fresh perspective on the conventions and culture of a country. Working in England is how I built my confidence to speak and understand the playful side of languages. Thanks to my personal experience, I believe the best way to learn and improve your second language is to interact with a native speaker. Real life conversations allow us to discover what the natural speech sounds like instead of learning it in a idealised form. Additionally, being able to communicate with another person is about more than just words and grammatical rules, it is also about the cultural heritage and customs.

It is key for lessons and conversations to be held in a dynamic, friendly and safe space where you are comfortable to learn. I am here to coach and guide you to build your knowledge and your assurance in your ability to speak French.

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